My Life

Be Good, Be Happy

I love to do dancing, swimming, karate and yoga. It makes me feel happy to do all these activities. I keep my self active all the time, you should also indulge yourself in different activites as if you keep yourself active, it will make you feel good. If you do good to others, others will also be good to you. One should keep telling themselves that you are strong. Be faithful to others because it makes you feel happy. Be happy but don't be sad. It is very harmful to us. We should respect our elders. Image

We should plant trees this will keep you good and it will also save our earth. We should help poor. We should be helpful and friendly to others. We should keep our city clean. We should not waste water. We should not fight with each other. We should not abuse each other. I love to play football, basketball and cricket. My Favourite colour is blue. We should not waste food as it is very precious.

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